Two secrets of Andy Warhol

He was notorious, shy, poor. How Andy Warhol achieved deafening success and turned his weaknesses? An unexpected interpretation.

Few people manage to turn obvious weaknesses.

One of such exceptions was Andy Warhol, the famous creator of the pop art style and the legislator of world fashion even today, although 27 years have passed after his death.

In his youth, he adored sandwiches with jam, and when his friends were swearing with him, he blushed. He could not go to the school toilet – so he stink there, and endured until he returned home. He was embarrassed to buy pills from constipation for his father in a pharmacy and returned home empty -handed. In short, in Brutal Miner Pitsburg, many considered it a weakling.

It seemed that the sweet tooth and weakness had no chance to succeed in the stone jungle of New York, where he went in 1953 at the insistence of his friend-he himself was timid. However, after three years, Andy began to earn one hundred thousand dollars a year. Huge money at that time. He is only 27 years old! How it became possible?

Perhaps two secrets can be considered unraveled.

At first, Warhol decided to get his own smell.

He had a sense of wild boar.

“When I go to New York,” writes Warhol, “I always notice the smells around. Rubber rugs in offices of offices, upholstery in cinemas, pizza, orange orange Julius, espresso, garlic, oregano, hamburger, dried cotton T -shirts … ”This monstrous list lasts several pages. The range of descriptions cannot but hit: from oily smells, the waxes from the boots of shoe cleaners to the sweaty stench of horses at the Plaza Hotel, mixed with steam from the laundry of an apartment building … And this Babylonian mountain of aromas is the chill of a diamond hairpin in the hair with a charming lip of toxi, in which Andy was AndyPlatonically in love in those years. Diamonds smell like a mirror brilliance.

Then follows a list of perfumes that Warhol loves, long in the whole page. The list is opened by Guerlain Sous Le Vent.

And the conclusion is like a shot in the temple:

“There is only one way to take more space – perfume”.

Here it is – the first key to conquering the world.

At that post -war period, American men smelled then and skin, to publish the aroma was an indecent destiny of prostitutes or old women from the upper world. And the youth went to hippie. Warhol ridiculed Gryazl-hippie, the first to break this taboo and stepped into the jungle of the yellow devil with a bold gait of a chic expensive whore, spreading the aroma of victory. By the way, he was still poor and lived in an apartment for seventeen people in a basement at the corner of 103 Street and Manhattan Avenue. Cockroaches became a nightmare of his life. Here he appeared in the office of the editor of the elite magazine Harper’s Bazaar Karmel Snow to show the portfolio of his drawings, but, damn it! The portfolio released a cockroach on the table. Karmel staggered back, but … but Warhol was so wonderful fragrant, and she could not understand the brand of his aroma (secretly sniffed to the secret) that, taking pity on the muddy, she gave him a large order for advertising.

The aroma of Chanel No. 5 smoked on the skin of Andy.

“I am sure that male hormones can make this aroma courageous,” Andy said. He understood that the smell is the same wayward monster as the bull in the arena, and in order to conquer it, it is necessary to enter the duel with it, a fight, dispute, exchange of arguments (sword against meat) should happen with it, and lie down under the succumb to advertising means to deprive yourself of individuality.

In the understanding of the intricacies of the smell, Warhol reached perfection.

He wrote: “The smell of fried peanuts is committed drowned out by the buzz of air conditioners”.

Even snobs can be envied by this phrase.

So, becoming a cloud in his pants, Andy took his first step towards glory, to mention his name becomes fashionable:

– Today I saw Andy Warhol!

But the second step of Warhol in New York was even more radical: he decides to grow up immediately!“I decided to get gray so that no one knew how old I am, and to look younger in the eyes of others. I believed that I would win a lot, grayings: (1) I will have the problems of the elderly who are easier to cope with, (2) everyone will be surprised how I look young, (3) I will free myself from the obligation to behave like a young man, I canbe eccentric, and this will not surprise anyone because of my gray hair. When you have gray hair, every movement seems “young” and “cheerful”. You seem to have a new talent. Therefore, I dyed my hair in a gray -haired color when I was 23 years old “.

This recognition is expensive.

In a country where everything was obsessed with youths, in America, where the cult of a young body has become a national mania, and fear of old age and death has become a mass hysteria and the first phobia among psychiatrists, the decision of the young man to play the role of an old man is, of course, a brilliant act.

Here the genius of self -promotion showed a wolf grip.

So, we will remember the two secrets of Warhol: there is only one only argument that does not use words, but acts perfectly – this is your smell, and to look young, you need to skillfully aging yourself.